FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT Self Assessment Important This fire risk assessment form is to be filled in by the responsible person within a business or organisation. As this is a free download for the use of end users this form must not be used by professional fire risk assessors. This form while provided free of charge by Safelincs has NOT BEEN completed by Safelincs This fire risk assessment form helps to address the majority of fire safety considerations stated in the official fire risk...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fire assessment self

I'm the internet commander responding to an incident on Anderson Street I feel very confident I have the knowledge skills and abilities to effectively handle this incident however at this time I'm faced with some obstacles I know at 7:50 in the morning I feel concerned about this due to traffic people getting ready for work and school school buses on the road and possibly cooking elements of that sort going on I'm also faced with the fact that oh there's a four alarm fire going on in the city and I have units respond to this incident unfamiliar with the area they may be stuck in traffic construction zone school zones and they're not familiar with this particular arcade occupancy in Raad I'm going to make sure all units are responding all units have acknowledged the dispatch that they're in route I'm going to make sure I'm seat belted in and I take the safest most efficient route to the incident I'm pulling my rep and run sheet to look for hydrants units responding which I know the units will likely be delayed and unfamiliar with this incident now in route I'm listening to the radio I know dispatchers told me this incident may have started in a garage and we may have a burned occupant this immediately is going to heighten my sense of alert and I'm going to upgrade my alarm to include a hazmat unit and I'm also going to upgrade my alarm to add at least two more EMS units because I already know I have a victim so I need two more units one to take care of my firefighters and want to take care of any other potential occupants or injuries there now I know it's also very cold as 50 degrees we have strong winds 15 miles an hour from the east so I'll make sure I arrive and I staged up pulling upwind I'll take this into account for ventilation fire spread and fire tactics I also am going to ask dispatch that the call come from within the home or was the car received via automatic alarm some sort of fire alarm I'm going to ask them if all the occupants are accounted for and out of the home and I'm going to also make sure that occupants in the immediate area are notified now on arrival I'm going to confirm I have a condition to action the needs report and I'm going to confirm the actions my previous companies have taken as per New Haven SOPs I know that the initial company will catch a hydrant coming into this incident and we do have hydrants in the area we have a hydrogen on Chevrolet and 4th Street we also have a hydrant on Anderson and 5th Street so I'll confirm which Hydra they've caught and they've laid in a five inch supply line and per our SOPs they should have pulled an into three-quarter line I'll confirm that's being operated from the unburned towards the burn and in this case if the fire is confirmed to be in the garage I'll make sure they're coming from within the house I'm going to reaffirm with dispatch that I'll be the incident commander I'll be known as Anderson Street command I'm going to make sure that I'm one-and-a-half times away from...